Speaking out for the ‘Malayaga’ Tamils

Sri Lanka Hi! My name is Viboo. This is a story from my home Sri Lanka.We experienced a civil war that lasted nearly 30 years. Even after it ended, conflict continued among ethnic groups. Mechanisms proposing transitional justice and reconciliation had failed. After the war, women-headed movements started in the North and Eastern parts. They […]

A podcast just for you!

Cecilia M, Kenyan Safe Sister Digital technologies have become incredibly vital to journalism work, but this has also resulted in an increase in the number of tools and platforms that may be used against journalists as a means of surveillance, identification, and harassment by both state and non-state actors. Today, online violence is generally unnoticed […]

Creative arts, compelling storytelling!

Sandra K, Ugandan Safe sister HER Internet hosted a groundbreaking event on Friday 7th March, 2024, in Kampala to launch their new publication, a comic book dubbed RIPPLES in observance of the International Women’s Day #IWD2024. This event brought together a diverse array of voices and perspectives on how online violence manifests and echoed the spirit […]

Impact the future

What inspired you to become a human rights defender, and how did your journey into activism begin? It was witnessing the Me Too movement in Uganda where women spoke out against injustice which led to threats against their safety. When I saw this I wanted to make a change for the women around me and […]

Paving a way for girls

Tracy D, Sierra Leonean Safe Sister Hi there! Am Tracy, founder of Marigold Initiative, a platform dedicated to empowering women and girls through technology. Investing in women in technology, what does it mean? Investing in women means investing in the future of our society. It means recognizing the immense potential and talent that women bring […]

Hear me too!

 JOYS K, Kenyan Safe Sister My passion lies in creating better spaces for journalism in the digital space, particularly for journalists. I have utilized my online journalism to create a process for unveiling different practices of organized crime and sexual harassment. I have been using this place to give voice to people who are ordinarily […]

Women are Climate Warriors

Quinta Y, Cameroonian Safe Sister We are the Association for the Socially Vulnerable dedicated to promoting gender equality and community conservation in Cameroon by recognising the challenges faced by marginalised groups, particularly women, and empowering them to lead sustainable and fulfilling lives. This includes participating in eco technology, harnessing their traditional problem-solving skills and new […]

Lynn and the social media incident

Whitney N, Ugandan Safe Sister Lynn is a young lady from Kampala, Uganda. She is a leader in her community and uses social media a lot for different reasons, she posts and uploads on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. On the morning of 15th February just after a lovely Valentine’s date, Lynn woke up to what […]

SAFE SISTER: Women human rights defenders meet to learn digital security

“Recently a blogger wrote about the experience of being a woman online and then she started receiving messages with explicit sexual and violent threats.” “When this singer and her manager disagreed and parted professionally, he refused to hand over her Facebook account’s passwords and even changed the associated email address therefore retaining control and sharing […]

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