Paving a way for girls

Tracy D, Sierra Leonean Safe Sister

Hi there! Am Tracy, founder of Marigold Initiative, a platform dedicated to empowering women and girls through technology.

Investing in women in technology, what does it mean?

Investing in women means investing in the future of our society. It means recognizing the immense potential and talent that women bring to the table, particularly in the field of technology.

As we strive to accelerate progress, we must prioritize bridging the gender gap in the tech industry. Technology has the power to transform lives and create opportunities for all. Of course, at Marigold, we can attest to that through our training and research initiatives.

However, women continue to be underrepresented in this critical sector. By investing in tech education and empowerment programs for women, we not only unlock the potential, but we also feel economic growth as societal advancement.

Investing in women means more than just providing opportunities. It means actively dismantling barriers and creating pathways for women to thrive. It means fostering a culture of inclusion where women feel valued, supported, and empowered to pursue careers in technology.

So how can we invest and get more women involved?

Firstly, we must prioritize education and skill building initiatives tailored specifically to women and girls, by providing accessible and relevant training programs, we can equip women with the technical skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the digital age.

Secondly, we must actively promote diversity and inclusion within tech industry. This includes implementing policies and practices that prioritize gender equity, creating inclusive work environments and amplifying the voices of women in leadership positions. Additionally, we must focus on bridging the gender digital divide by ensuring equal access to technology and digital resources for women and girls. Particularly those in underserved communities. This means investing in infrastructure, providing affordable Internet access, and promoting digital literacy programs that reach women of all backgrounds.

At Marigold initiative were committed to leading by example as we continue to organize programs that strive towards creating a supportive ecosystem where women and girls can blossom, especially in the tech industry. Today, I urge all of us to come together and invest in women in tech. Bringing more women on board would accelerate the progress that we are yearning for.

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